Sensei Joe

Originator of UFK Martial Arts, Sensei Joe is a 3rd Degree Black belt in Kickboxing and brownbelt BJJ instructor. Having fought in professional matches, Joe coaches BJJ students to competition standards at both facilities, and runs high energy bootcamp kickboxing classes in Richmond. Studying under Sensei Don, UFK is a part of the WCBJJ association with Joe as our representative.

+3rd Degree Black belt in Kickboxing

+Brownbelt BJJ

+Multi PanAm and World Medalist BJJ

+Professional fight experience.

Sensei Sam

Sam is a brownbelt instructor in kickboxing and blue belt in BJJ. Your guide to starting in Martial Arts, Sam teaches a high intensity strength & conditioning kickboxing class for new and intermediate students, and all levels BJJ. Sam also coaches the children's BJJ classes and competition team.

+Junior Competitor Medalist Coach

+Multiple medalist in BJJ.

+Brownbelt Kickboxing

+Personal training to all.

Sensei Von

Educated across the board in MMA, BJJ, kickboxing, and a variety of high impact defensive and offensive arts, Sensei Von trains UFK's kickboxing fight team to new heights and brings those serious about competition and advancing their techniques into the fold.

+Personal training to those in athletic careers.

+Muay Thai & Kickboxing

+Self Defence

+Weapons Training


Sensei Markon

Markon is a bluebelt in BJJ. An ex-professional wrestler from North Van, Markon has trained Jiu Jitsu since 2008. Markon currently teaches adult and children's beginner Jiu Jitsu and bootcamp at our Richmond location.

+Professional Wrestler

+No-Gi Jiu Jitsu

+Bluebelt BJJ

Sensei Matt

Sensei Matt is a libra who teaches part time at our Richmond location in fundamentals Jiu Jitsu. A home grown bluebelt, Matt has been studying Jiu Jitsu for four years.

+Gold medalist WCMAC in BJJ.

+BJJ coach for competition.

+Our funnest instructor.

Sensei Garvin

Sensei Garvin has fought in 115 matches. With 30 years of Muay Thai experience and teacher of Old School Muay Thai, Garvin teaches at our Richmond location on Friday evenings. 

+Professional Fighter

+International Coach

+Old School Muay Thai